Drew Flu

so uh my name is Ashley and i'm 20 yrs old, but this blog isn't about me it's about Christofer Drew who is my inspiration. i learn from him everyday and i can't think of anyone better than himĀ <3

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ugh I miss Christofer Drew. (Xmas Tour, 12/13/13 Saint Louis, MO at Firebird)

I got a cool thang

so happy about ian playing with never shout never now. i’m a huge panic! at the disco fan so….. *dies*

Q & A #1


You beautiful, spectacular people asked some awesome questions. Here are some honest answers.

"What inspire most of your tattoos?" -Daniel

I see tattoos as a form of expression. A way of letting people know who you are without saying a word. My tattoo choices have been mostly solid black (a…

Self Empowerment


The only person who can save you; is you. By eliminating self-limiting thoughts (doubt), and by believing & loving yourself you can achieve anything. Tame your mind one thought at a time. Cancel out negative ones with loving ones. You can do it. Empower yourself & get to fully living this blessing we call life.